The second primary hub for nightlife in Udon Thani, with a presence of bar girls, is Nutty Park. It's situated a bit closer to the Night Market and the railway station compared to the Day and Night complex. These two bar girl districts are separated by a walk of approximately 7-10 minutes. Nutty Park, although narrower in design, accommodates just as many bars as its counterpart. The number of open bars can significantly differ from one night to another, but in general, most bars tend to be operational on most nights. There have been instances where as few as 12 bars were open, whereas more recently, all the bars were open and serving customers. Notably, Nutty Park forms the shape of an 'L,' and halfway through the complex, the perception of nearing its end can be deceptive. This portion tends to be quieter than the bars situated around the corner.

While most of the bars at Nutty Park are akin to those elsewhere in Udon Thani, a few enclosed ones can be categorized as 'proper bars.' For instance, at the far left corner of the initial stretch, you'll find the Aussie Pub. A distinguishing feature of Nutty Park, absent in Day and Night, is the availability of a few places to savor a leisurely meal.

Nutty Park can be seen as more of a social gathering spot for expatriates and Udon Thani visitors. There are bar girls present, although their numbers aren't as extensive as those at Day and Night bars. These girls aren't overly assertive; a simple and polite refusal of their attention will lead them to leave you undisturbed.

Walking to the far end of Nutty Park reveals a car park adjacent to the night market. Upon crossing the car park and looking to the right, a row of units becomes visible, housing two newly established bars: "We Cheers" and "Sexy Bar." These are the most recent additions to the girly bar scene, though their seating areas are relatively small.


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